Management of absences and
substitutions made simple
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Who is Absenteo for?
Simple and fast management of the absent employee until his replacement

For School Service Centres

Absenteo respects your organization's collective agreement and gives you access to a complete payroll report.

For the principal

Save time managing absences and substitutions and invest in your role of instructional leader.

For employees

Access your Absenteo portal anywhere, anytime to declare an absence and launch a search for a replacement.

For substitutes

Receive and manage substitutions offers according to your availability and preferences.

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How does Absenteo work?
Simple steps to make management easier
Declaration of absence

The employee, regardless of his or her employment status, declares his or her absence and may forward notes to his or her replacement.

Receipt of the declaration

Management receives the absence report for authorization purposes. The substitution process is triggered.

Search for a replacement

Search for a substitute according to a personalized prioritization complying with the rules of your collective agreement.

Acceptance of the offer

A substitute accepts the offer and receives the notes submitted.

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